Services Legal Strategy

  • Protecting a client during criminal proceedings and the most complex criminal and economic corruption charges.
  • Defending the interests of the client abroad in matters of unjustified imposition of international sanctions, wanted by Interpol and Europol.
  • Comprehensive support and protection of the business from raider attacks, analysis of internal processes to minimize legal risks.
  • Extrajudicial dispute resolution, the search for the most effective and quick solutions to the problem.


LEGAL STRATEGY provides legal support and protection of your interests in all branches of law – criminal, administrative, civil, economic, tax and corporate, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

This list is not exhaustive, so we are always ready to answer your questions about the services in which you are interested. We offer our clients effective and diverse formats of business collaboration proven by time and experience.

  • Criminal Law

We professionally defend in criminal proceedings, taking into account the European practice of protecting and respecting human rights. We represent the client's interests at all stages of criminal proceedings and in all instances

  • White-collar crimes

Protection of rights in the most complex categories of cases relating to "white-collar" criminal offenses. These are allegations of abuse and exceeding of authorities, bribery, fraud, negligence, money laundering, assets, tax evasion, and illegal enrichment. We have a positive experience of representing clients in the anti-corruption bodies of the state.

  • Business protection 

General business security depends primarily on comprehensive effective legal defense. Our lawyers fully apply their knowledge and many years of experience to protect business in new and ever-changing Ukrainian economic realities. We will protect you from raiders, officials, illegal actions of regulatory authorities, dishonest competitors. Our arsenal includes analysis of potential threats and counteraction to them. We help restore justice and eliminate the numerous risks of businessmen.


  • Compliance  

Comprehensive counselling and audit of the company and its contractors on compliance with current legislation, identification of internal vulnerabilities, risk assessment and analysis, preparation of strategies for their prevention, implementation of relevant rules and requirements of domestic legislation (corporate, antitrust, competitive, anti-corruption) and international standards in documents of the company. The assistance of lawyers allows the company not to fall into the risk zone, to avoid negative financial, legal and reputational consequences.

  • Interpol / Europol / Extradition

We provide services on issues related to illegal actions of authorities on the wanted list, including through international law enforcement agencies – Interpol and Europol. We represent the interests of clients during extradition checks and at the hearing of the issue of extradition of a person. We assist in the search, seizure and confiscation of assets abroad.

  • Extrajudicial dispute resolution

Extrajudicial dispute resolution (economic, civil, tax, labor, family) is an effective tool for resolving disagreements between the parties. With the help of our experts, this way will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs and get the desired result as quickly as possible.





Despite extensive experience, LEGAL STRATEGY lawyers are constantly improving their professional level, continuously monitoring domestic and international legislation, and participating in professional legal trainings. This allows LEGAL STRATEGY lawyers to defend the interests of clients in the most difficult cases and take effective steps to protect them.

  • Development and construction

We provide professional comprehensive legal support in the implementation of investment and construction projects – from examination of the legal status of a land plot to resolving conflict situations between a developer, investor and government bodies.

  • Information Technology

LEGAL STRATEGY lawyers provide effective assistance on a wide range of issues related to business in the IT and telecommunications markets from data protection, intellectual property and tax issues to the representative office on criminal proceedings and court hearings.

  • Advertising and marketing

Our lawyers assist clients with legal issues of intellectual property, marketing services, all aspects of production, distribution, use of any kind of advertising, dishonest and hidden advertising, responsibility for its placement. We will assist in drafting "legally sound" relevant agreements – agency, licensing, sponsorship, etc.

  • GR 

Government relations  is the work of our team, which is aimed at protecting your interests in government. We provide consulting services and represent clients in cooperation with the state institutions and authorities at local, regional and central levels, while building effective communication. Considering the extensive practical experience of interaction with government agencies of various levels, we offer our clients effective solutions that help to achieve the desired result.


  • Energy 

The energy market of our country is an industry that needs constant monitoring of legislation and effective cooperation with professional lawyers. It is impossible to successfully implement energy projects without the effective assistance and advice of lawyers. We are always ready to provide a wide range of services related to the implementation of your energy projects and to protect your business from potential risks from competitors and unlawful actions by public authorities.

  • Transport infrastructure

We are able to provide significant support to the enterprises of the transport industry of Ukraine. This includes consulting and customer support at all stages of the implementation of economic activity – from pilot and investment projects to joint ventures and participation in public procurement.

  • Agribusiness

We will help to protect agribusiness from the aggressive actions of competitors, raider attacks and seizures, develop a strategy for disputes over land leases and ownership of crops, protect against illegal actions of state registrars, as well as provide protection in criminal proceedings related to illegal charges. 

  • Investment 

We provide effective legal support and comprehensive support for investment projects of any level. Our purpose is to ensure that the investors receive reliable and effective protection of their assets. LEGAL STRATEGY lawyers develop strategies that minimize the risks involved in investing.