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Ivan Kholondovych, managing partner LEGAL STRATEGY   До вас прийшли з обшуком хоча ви «нічого такого не робили»? Це…

Ukraine withdrew from the top three countries with which the ECHR is suing: what does it mean

Нещодавно стало відомо, що Україна вперше за останні чотири роки вийшла з трійки країн, з якими найчастіше…

Vasyl Fedytnyk, a partner in the Legal Strategy bar association, has obtained an acquittal in the case of a former member of parliament

14 червня 2021 року за результатами судового розгляду Вищий антикорупційний суд виніс виправдувальний…

Summer vacation: the current order of going abroad - all that is important for parents to know

Віталій Сокуренко, юрист AO Legal Strategy В когось канікули вже почалися, В когосьо - ось-ось почнуться! Отже,…

Ivan Kholondovich: "The Law on the Oligarchs" needs to be finalized

Іван Холондович, керуючий партнер Адвокатського об’єднання Legal Strategy «Закон про олігархів» (його…

How not to spoil your summer vacation in the "era of COVID-19"

Збираєтесь у відпустку? Що треба знати про самоізоляцію розповідають юристи  LEGAL STRATEGY (Ukr.) 1.Хто повинен…

The court, citing the ECHR, acquitted the officer and acknowledged that the SSU had provoked

Vasyl Fedytnyk, Рartner Legal Strategy for Чи легко домогтися виправдувального вироку? Мені знадобилося близько 5 років,…


The law firm LEGAL STRATEGY was established by law specialists with many years of experience in law in 2019. LEGAL STRATEGY is dynamically developing company. In a short time it became known in Ukraine and abroad, the company has won its place in the competitive market of legal services. 

Legal STRATEGY is a system and confidence, experience and professionalism. System work and self-confidence allow to bring the business to a logical end, both experience and professionalism - to receive the desired result for our clients.

  • Protecting a client during criminal proceedings and the most complex criminal and economic corruption charges.
  • Defending the interests of the client abroad in matters of unjustified imposition of international sanctions, wanted by Interpol and Europol.
  • Comprehensive support and protection of the business from raider attacks, analysis of internal processes to minimize legal risks.
  • Extrajudicial dispute resolution, the search for the most effective and quick solutions to the problem.


LEGAL STRATEGY provides legal support and protection of your interests in all branches of law – criminal, administrative, civil, economic, tax and corporate, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

This list is not exhaustive, so we are always ready to answer your questions about the services in which you are interested. We offer our clients effective and diverse formats of business collaboration proven by time and experience.



01011 Kyiv, Panasa Mirnogo str, 7a, office 29

Phone number:

+38 (068) 468 10 56

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